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The fastest way to become a patient at our practice and to take advantage of the online services is to create a secure account for our new online portal.  After creating an account, you may utilize any of the secure online communications available on the above portal menu.  Existing patients, you can create an account today, and begin communicating with us securely today!

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Prime Medical Center is pleased to announce that we are now offering membership plans to our patients. With a primary focus on both preventative care and the treatment of chronic disease, these plans can be used to supplement existing insurance or as an affordable alternative to traditional insurance. Our weight management patients may find the platinum membership to be the most cost-effective way to participate in our weight loss program. Affirm your health for what it is… your most valuable possession!

We have recently seen a number of patients who have complained of persistant urinary discomfort despite being “tested for everything.” Upon further investigation, we have discovered that most of these patients have only been tested for HIV, hepatitis, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and sometimes trichamonas. Unfortunately, this is not a complete STD profile. There are quite a few atypical STD’s that require very special testing in order to detect.

If you believe that you have been tested for everything, found to have been negative, but continue to have symptoms, please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to perform a more comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms. For more information, please visit www.STD-doctors.com.

New! We are pleased to announce a new insurance policy! We will now happily file your insurance claims for you. Please review our new insurance policy here.