Please review our narcotics policy before making your appointment if you wish to be seen for pain management, weight loss, or ADD/ADHD.

Narcotics Policy

1) You must have only one prescriber; if it is discovered that you are receiving narcotics from another provider, and you fail to disclose this, you will be discharged from the practice.

2) Doctor-shopping is a crime; we will report any patient who is discovered to be doctor-shopping to the authorities. Doctor-shopping is when a patient goes to multiple doctors with the intent of getting multiple prescriptions for the same (or similiar) condition.

3) If you lose your medication, you will be considered too irresponsible to have even have your medication; refills will not be given. These medications can be dangerous, even potentially fatal to a toddler or small child. You must maintain control of the medication at all times. Please do not call and say that the medication fell in the sink or toilet, that it was left at the hotel, or that it was stolen from your suitcase.

4) Do not share or sell your medication to anyone else. If it is discovered that you have done so, you will be discharged from the practice. These medications can sometimes affect your heart or blood pressure, and they are never given without an evaluation of your cardiovascular risks. If someone with undiscovered heart disease takes some of these medications, it could induce a heart attack or stroke.

5) If you have trouble managing your prescription, and repeatedly come in for refills early (which happens, especially with ADD/ADHD, as these patients often have trouble remembering as a part of their condition), you will be required to either have a third party control your prescription (a parent, spouse, etc) or you will be put on a ration, either weekly or bi-weekly, until such time as you demonstrate that you are capable of managing your dosages properly.